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User Data Policy

  • We alwasy care about user data protection.
  • For providing more reliable service we may collect the following data from the users-
    1. Visitor's IP address, so that we can count our unique customers
    2. Visitor's location, so that we can know from where our customers come.
    3. Contact Form: We collect visitors Name, Email, Phone number while using contact form so that we can reply their query.
    4. Visitors browsing history within our site, so that we can understand what our visitors want from us.
  • We use the following third party plugin in our site. These plugin may collect visitors data according to their policy.
    1. twak.to to provide live support.
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Google Adsense
    4. Facebook Analytics
  • We never sell these data to any third party.
  • Visitors data might be used for our promotional marketing.

Copyright of the contents

  • All the written context found in this website is solesly reserved by the company.
  • Some images are taken from the internet and we never claim copyright for these contents. We will remove these contents immediately if anyone claims.
  • Some images used from Unsplash.com according to their licence policy. And these images are copyrighted by the respective photographer or Unspalsh.
  • Some branding logo used to show our relationship with them. We do not have any copyright for these logo. These respective company solely reserves their rights.
  • We always respect copyrights of the content owner. If you have any copyright claim within this site, kindly inform us via mail. We will take proper steps as soon as possible.